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When are permits required for a project? This is a common question asked by customers when we discuss projects and budgets. The easy answer is permits should be pulled for most work done on customer homes. Permits are needed for all rough framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. There can also be inspections needed for insulation and flashing installs plus foundation details. The reason for permits is to ensure that all work performed on a customers home is done correctly and up to local and state building codes. This helps to protect the customer against poor workmanship and corner cutting. Inspections will need to be done during both rough construction and the finish stage of construction. Inspections help the local municipality make sure that work being done is correct for the structure for both it’s current and future needs. Insurance companies also want to know that all work was done to code and installed by qualified contractors before they agree to insure a home or structure. If you are dealing with a contractor that does not want to pull permits beware. Ask why permits are not required, check the contractors license to make sure they are qualified and registered with the state. Unlicensed contractors can not pull permits. Contractors not wanting to pull permits should be considered a red flag and make you think twice about who is going to be working on your home. Some people feel that the permit process is just a big hassle but the truth is the permit system helps to protect everybody involved in the project.

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